RedisInsight is a powerful tool for visualizing and optimizing data in Redis or Redis Stack, making real-time application development easier and more fun than ever before. RedisInsight lets you do both GUI- and CLI-based interactions in a fully-featured desktop GUI client.

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Connection management

  • Automatically discover and add your local Redis or Redis Stack databases (that use standalone connection type and do not require authentication)
  • Discover your databases in Redis Enterprise Cluster and databases with Flexible plans in Redis Cloud
  • Use a form to enter your connection details and add any Redis database running anywhere (including OSS Cluster, Sentinel)


Browse, filter and visualize your key-value Redis data structures.

  • CRUD support for Lists, Hashes, Strings, Sets, Sorted Sets
  • CRUD support for RedisJSON
  • Group keys according to their namespaces


Analyze every command sent to Redis in real time


The CLI is accessible at any time within the applicaiton.

  • Employs integrated help to deliver intuitive assistance
  • Use together with a convenient command helper that lets you search and read on Redis commands


Advanced command line interface with intelligent command auto-complete and complex data visualizations.

  • Built-in guides: you can conveniently discover Redis and Redis Stack capabilities using the built-in guides.
  • Command auto-complete support for all capabilities in Redis and Redis Stack.
  • Visualizations of your RediSearch index, queries, and aggregations
  • Visualizations of your RedisGraph and RedisTimeSeries data.


With RedisInsight you can now also extend the core functionality by building your own data visualizations. See our plugin documentation for more information.


RedisInsight includes an opt-in telemetry system. This help us improve the developer experience of the app. We value your privacy; all collected data is anonymised



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