How to Install Terraform

To use Terraform you will need to install it. HashiCorp distributes Terraform as a binary package. You can also install Terraform using popular package managers.

Retrieve the terraform binary by downloading a pre-compiled binary or compiling it from source.

Pre-compiled binaryCompile from source

To install Terraform, find the appropriate package for your system and download it as a zip archive.

After downloading Terraform, unzip the package. Terraform runs as a single binary named terraform. Any other files in the package can be safely removed and Terraform will still function.

Finally, make sure that the terraform binary is available on your PATH. This process will differ depending on your operating system.

Print a colon-separated list of locations in your PATH.

$ echo $PATH

Move the Terraform binary to one of the listed locations. This command assumes that the binary is currently in your downloads folder and that your PATH includes /usr/local/bin, but you can customize it if your locations are different.

$ mv ~/Downloads/terraform /usr/local/bin/

For more detail about adding binaries to your path, see this Stack Overflow article.

»Verify the installation

Verify that the installation worked by opening a new terminal session and listing Terraform’s available subcommands.

$ terraform -help
Usage: terraform [-version] [-help] <command> [args]
The available commands for execution are listed below.
The most common, useful commands are shown first, followed by
less common or more advanced commands. If you're just getting
started with Terraform, stick with the common commands. For the
other commands, please read the help and docs before usage.

Add any subcommand to terraform -help to learn more about what it does and available options.

$ terraform -help plan


If you get an error that terraform could not be found, your PATH environment variable was not set up properly. Please go back and ensure that your PATH variable contains the directory where Terraform was installed.

»Enable tab completion

If you use either Bash or Zsh, you can enable tab completion for Terraform commands. To enable autocomplete, first ensure that a config file exists for your chosen shell.


$ touch ~/.bashrc

Then install the autocomplete package.

$ terraform -install-autocomplete

Once the autocomplete support is installed, you will need to restart your shell.



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